Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Apple SSAFE Memo Collection is FOR SALE

Original collection was sold on eBay 3/18/18 to someone who will give it a great home.
Scans remain freely available.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Software Security from Apples Friends and Enemies

I was at the Seattle Goodwill outlet recently and noticed the Apple logo on letterhead sticking out from a bin of books, so I started digging. What I found were the 1979-1980 files of Jack MacDonald, manager of system software for the Apple II and /// at the time.

They tell the story of project "SSAFE" or "Software Security from Apples Friends and Enemies." This was a proposal to bring disk copy protection in-house to sell as a service to outside developers. Inter-office memos, meeting notes and progress reports all give a good idea of what a project life cycle looked like. Different schemes and levels of protection are considered, as well as implementation primarily on the Apple II+ and the upcoming SARA (The Apple ///) and Lisa computers. Randy Wigginton is featured prominently throughout, along with mentions of Woz, distribution lists including "S.Jobs" and many other familiar names.

The documents were all a jumble so I've put them in chronological order and scanned the collection.

2/23/17 Comments on SSAFE Project Memos from Chris Espinosa:
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